Congratulations Sarah Anderson

Dr. Sarah Anderson, former IGG Student Chair, interviewed in Developmental Cell

Dr. Sarah Anderson, former Student Chair of the Integrative Genetics and Genomics graduate group at UC Davis, was interviewed by the prestigious Developmental Cell journal, alongside the publication of the first-author manuscript entitled “The Zygotic Transition Is Initiated in Unicellular Plant Zygotes with Asymmetric Activation of Parental Genomes”. The work was conducted as part of Sarah’s Ph.D. work in IGG faculty member Dr. Venkatesan Sundaresan’s group. Congratulations Sarah!

Link to “Meet the Author” interview:

Link to manuscript:

IGG wins Picnic Day "Fun with Crafts" exhibit award!

A DNA bracelet illustrating DNA base pair complementarity

DNA bracelets and simple elegant posters on DNA and Glowing Genes aimed at the broad public won the day for IGG students on their first try! Great outreach job on Earth Day and March for Science Day!!

April 2017: UCD Grand Slam Competition

Sam Westreich received a $1k prize for winning the UCD Grand Slam competition!

Sam Westreich, a 4th year IGG student wins the 2017 UCD Grand Slam competition with a presentation on "Understanding the Gut Microbiome with Metatranscriptomics.” 

Congrats Sam!

March 2017: Maika Malig, a second year IGG student receives prestigious NSF pre-doctoctoral fellowship

Maika works on developing new genomics technologies to profile non-B DNA structures called R-loops in Dr. Chedin's lab. 

Congrats Maika!

New research on virgin pancreatic beta cells published in Cell Metabolism

IGG student Alex Mawla and the Huising lab published new research on virgin pancreatic beta cells in Cell Metabolism that can lead to a new route for beta cell regeneration in diabetes. See the research at this link:

IGG Student Fellowships - congrats!!

Sarah Anderson ~ Henry A. Jastro Graduate Research Scholarship & Graduate Student Travel Award

Rinaldo Catta Preta ~ Science Without Borders

Samantha Fousse ~ McNair Fellowship / Gates Millennium Scholar Fellowship

Michelle Halstead ~ USDA National Need Ph.D. Fellowship / Genomics for Improving Animal Production (GIAP)

Daniel Lewis ~ Training Program in Biomolecular Technology

Katherine Lucot ~ Ferrini Genetics Award 2015-2016 - through the CCAH

Lisa Ma ~ 2015-2016: Yearlong Exposure to Advanced Research Training Grant  2016-2017 / Marjorie and Charles Elliott Fellowship

Maika Mailg ~ NIH T32 Molecular Biotechnology Fellowship

Alex MawlaStephen F. and Bettina A. Sims Immunology Fellowship

Nicole Narayan ~ UC Davis Dissertation Year Fellowship (2016-2017)

David O’Donnell ~ Plant Sciences Departmental Fellowship

Anita To ~ NSF Predoctoral Fellowship

Kay Watt ~ NSF Predoctoral Fellowship

Samuel Westreich ~ Biotechnology Fellow

Marwa Zafarullah ~ AIP-HRD MS Fellowship

Graduate Studies Professors of the Future Program

Congratulations Perot Saelao on your acceptance to the Graduate Studies Professors of the Future Program!

July 2016: Stella Hartono and colleagues publish new Molecular Cell paper

Stella Hartono, a fifth year IGG student, and Drs. Paul Ginno and Yoong Wearn Lim, former IGG students in Prof. Fred Chedin's lab co-auhor a paper now in press in Molecular Cell. The work deals with the formation of so-called R-loop structures during transcription and their impact on the chromatin state in mammalian genomes. Congratulations! 

Find the paper here:

Find a News dispatch from the Epigenie blog here:

May 2016: Alex Mawla co-authors a paper in Molecular Metabolism

Alex Mawla, a first year IGG student in Dr. Mark Huising's lab, co-authored a paper in Molecular Metabolism, reporting the comprehensive transcriptomes of the main endocrine cells of pancreatic islets. As the islets are the only only source of insulin in our body, these findings are highly relevant for diabetes. From these findings it was discovered that the receptor for the ‘hunger hormone’ ghrelin is expressed exclusively by pancreatic delta cells, which release the inhibitory hormone somatostatin in response. The journal commissioned an editorial to highlight the paper, which resolved the long-standing conundrum of the mechanism by which ghrelin inhibits insulin secretion.



Alex also co-authored a paper in Human Genetics investigating the spectrum of DNA variants for non-syndromic deafness. Paper:

Geneticist appointed as Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator

Neil Hunter

Neil Hunter

Neil Hunter, a professor of microbiology and molecular genetics at the University of California, Davis, College of Biological Sciences, has been named as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, an honor reserved for scientists who exhibit exceptionally original thinking. Hunter studies the most fundamental processes of how genes are shuffled and passed to the next generation.

The HHMI will pay Hunter's salary and research laboratory expenses, including salaries for research staff, for five years. He will then have an opportunity to apply for renewal of the grant.

Read article.