UC Davis to offer mobile mammograms for underserved communities

From the Davis Enterprise; Story by Caleb Hampton

The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center is set to launch two new initiatives next year to improve breast health and early cancer detection in underserved women in rural communities, UC Davis Health announced Thursday. The new tools for early cancer detention will include a “mammovan” and free genetic testing.

The cancer center is funding the new initiatives with $10 million it received from a class-action lawsuit against Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. “The lawsuit alleged Wyeth misrepresented the benefits and risks of its hormone replacement therapy medications for women,” UC Davis Health reported. “In cases where money remains after eligible class members receive their claim payments, courts can distribute those funds to charitable causes in what’s referred to as a cy pres award.”

According to UC Davis Health, the cancer center prioritized projects focused on women in marginalized communities who have typically been underrepresented in research and are at higher risk for cancer and other diseases. Altogether, four proposals from the UC Davis School of Medicine received funding from the lawsuit, including two projects focused on breast cancer.


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